ISTEP Executive Council


Abi Harmison

School year:  2021 - 2022

Hello! I’m Abi Harmison! I’m a voting youth member on the TUPC Commission as well as an Executive Council member.

I’m a sophomore at Bondurant Farrar in Polk County. I’m involved in ISTEP (duh!), softball & Girlscouts. My favorite part about ISTEP is getting to reach out to my peers to make a difference. I enjoy meeting with younger kids to talk to them about why they should be tobacco free.

One random fact about me…

I have a great dane!

Ava Miller

School year:  2021 - 2022

I’m Ava Miller, a sophomore at Bondurant Farrar in Polk County, and a member of the Executive Council. 

I first found out about ISTEP by attending the 2019 Summit. I joined the Council shortly after because I want to help prevent my peers from vaping.

I also participate in cheerleading and one fun fact about me is…

my favorite color is...blue!

Chase Willis

School year:  2021 - 2022

I’m Chase Willis, your voting youth TUPC Commision member and Executive Council member. My favorite part of ISTEP is getting to help educate others about the dangers of smoking.

I’m a freshman at Chariton in Lucas County.  I am involved in ISTEP, FCA, student council and all the sports - football, basketball, baseball, track. I have served as president of my class for Student Council as well as a new group that I helped create, Students for Veterans.

Fun fact about me…

My favorite color is red - go Cyclones! & ISTEP ;)

Courtney Sweet

School year:  2021 - 2022

Hi, I’m Courtney Sweet, your ISTEP President, TUPC Commission member and Executive Council member. I also serve as a national youth ambassador with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

I’m a sophomore at Johnston High School in Polk County. Besides ISTEP, I’m involved in cross country, track, show choir and mock trial. 

Some fun random facts about me -

I love public speaking.

Bread is my favorite food.

I want to learn to play the pipe organ.

Ellie Luzum

School year:  2021 - 2022

Hello, I’m Ellie Luzum, a senior from Decorah in Winneshiek County. I serve on the Executive Council. 

I’m involved in softball, volleyball, track, large group speech and musical. I’m involved with ISTEP because I like knowing that I’m making a positive difference with something that I see as a problem. And, I love the fun exciting energy that comes with it!

A random fact about me is…

I want to live in Colorado with a burmese mountain dog!

Noah DeVore

School year:  2021 - 2022

Hi, I’m Noah DeVore. I’m a senior at Maquoketa Valley in Delaware County. I’m a member of the ISTEP Executive Council. 

I’ve been involved with my local ISTEP chapter since my freshman year. My favorite part about ISTEP is learning different ways that I can educate my community about tobacco. I’m involved in many different activities such as band, choir, jazz, speech, play, musical, mentoring and TEL.

One fun fact about me…

My dream job is being a Broadway performer!

Willow Johnson

School year:  2021 - 2022

Hello, I’m Willow Johnson, a freshman at Ames in Story County. I’m a voting youth member of the TUPC Commission, Executive Council member and the chapter president of my local ISTEP chapter. I like being involved in my community, and bringing awareness of the dangers of tobacco. 

Over the last several years I’ve participated in volleyball, basketball, band, orchestra and mock trial. Last March I presented at the Many Shades of Colour Young Women’s Conference about social media use. 

Fun fact about me…

I’m fluent in mandarin!